Feel Better in Less Than One Hour!

IV therapy is the most effective way to deliver vitamins and minerals along with a few medications directly into the bloodstream for optimal absorption. Intravenous use of vitamins and medications allows for faster results to reach optimal levels of health to provide or replace nutrients that the body needs.

Get Faster Recovery from: The Cold & Flu, Hangover, Migraines, Dehydration & Athletic Events

At Advanced Mobile IV Therapy we fully recognize that visiting the doctor or receiving health care at typical clinics can be both time consuming and stressful. That's why we've designed our services to come directly to you. Our mission is to relieve the accumulative effects of dehydration and other common ailments such as the common cold. In less than an hour, our customized IV Hydration Infusions can restore you back to maximum vitality and wellness.

All of our Hydration Therapies are administered by fully accredited, licensed and experienced registered nurses and certified paramedics.

IV Hydration Fact #1

IV Hydration produces faster relief because it bypasses the digestive system.

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IV Hydration Fact #2

IV Hydration is a unique treatment that delivers various medications vitamins, fluids and key nutrients into the bloodstream.

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IV Hydration Fact #3

The procedure is minimally invasive and involves no discomfort or down time.

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"I Feel Amazing"

I had my first IV therapy yesterday and I feel amazing!! Before I received it I was feeling not so great, this was the perfect thing to reboot my immune system!! I definitely recommend Advanced Mobile IV Therapy!! They come to you and they are amazing!!

Savannah Desiree

Medical direction, protocols and remote physician access are provided by International Medical Direction. IMD is a group of fully licensed EMT-focused physicians & RNs focused on providing remote EMS services via telemedicine, with the goal of preparing providers to be leaders in the expanding scope of emergent medical care and consultation.